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Group of Companies Innovation systems is developing and introducing new machines and devices that exceed all existing similar devices and machines.
We have developed a modern high-efficient twin-rotor wind turbine of InS-W series basing on the theory of gas turbines. The idea of the developments belongs to our scientific adviser - General Designer of Russia on Aviation Bakanov A.G. (twin-rotor helicopter reducers for the helicopter the Kamov Ka-50 "Black Shark", Ka-226, Ka-26, Ka-126, etc., reducer for space shuttle "Buran", transmission for the airplane Tupolev Tu-160 Beliy Lebed (White Swan), gas turbine engines for airplanes Be-30 and Be-32, and for light armored vehicles, for cutter "Scat", air engines for SU-26, YAK-18T, YAK- 50, YAK- 52, YAK- 54, YAK- 55, etc.). These devices were developed under his guide and they still works all over the world.
The main advantages of our wind turbines are higher wind energy usage coefficient, absence of infrasound of dangerous frequency range (which is caused at operation of the conventional three-blade wind turbines).
The development has been tested by different Russian and foreign experts and expert organizations. Expert opinions were received and they prove the main characteristics of the development.


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